Tell Congress: Stop Prescription Price Gouging

According to a report by the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“One drug that quickly reduces blood pressure has shot up threefold, from $200 to about $600.

Another medication that helps reduce swelling in critically ill patients has risen 879 percent, from about $470 to more than $4,600.

And still another drug that increases bone density has gone up 3,500 percent, from about $50 a vial to more than $1,800.”

This is a phenomenon that’s happening all across the country. And it’s because pharmaceutical companies are basing their pricing not on the value of the drug to patients — but on the value of their bottom line.

Too often, these companies don’t invest their profits into developing new cures, or into scientific advancement or innovation. Rather, they buy up the rights to existing generic drugs, lay off workers, and gouge the most vulnerable among us to pad their profit margins.

Demand that Congress take action to stop the prescription price gouging. Add your name >>

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