Protect Planned Parenthood

Earlier this year, Ohio joined the list of states across the country denying millions in state funds to Planned Parenthood.

This was the latest in a long series of attempts to restrict Ohio women’s access to reproductive healthcare. The state legislature has advanced 16 anti-women’s health measures in the past five years alone.

And Ohio isn’t alone in attacking Planned Parenthood. In Republican-led states all across the country, legislatures and governors are denying millions of dollars in funds to Planned Parenthood and passing laws that force family planning clinics to close.

These irresponsible Republicans may be scoring political points, but they’re really just making it harder for 2.7 million men, women, and children to access critical care. Planned Parenthood provides 400,000 cancer screenings; 500,000 breast exams; and 4.5 million STI tests every year.

Republicans aren’t attacking Planned Parenthood — they’re attacking access to healthcare. And it needs to end.

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– Sherrod Brown

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