Help Sherrod Protect Health Care

Republicans in Congress have taken the first steps toward repealing the Affordable Care Act with without a plan to replace it.

Twenty-two million Americans gained health insurance coverage since the Affordable Care Act took effect. More than 90 percent of Americans have insurance — that’s the highest rate of coverage this country has ever seen.

Because of the health law we got wellness visits for the elderly, fixed the donut hole, got rid of pre-existing conditions clauses, and put kids on their parents’ plans until they are 26. And through it all we have saved taxpayers trillions of dollars.

Yet Republicans, with Trump at the helm, want to undo all of that.

We cannot go back to the days when insurance companies ran our healthcare system and millions of Americans were unable to afford care.

Sign on and tell President Trump: Don’t kick almost 22 million Americans off their health insurance.

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