Stand with Sherrod: Protect Access to Health Insurance Coverage for All Ohioans

The Senate’s GOP health care plan would cause Ohioans to pay more for less care. To make matters worse, it makes deep cuts to Medicaid and completely eliminates the Medicaid expansion program, which funds treatment for Ohioans struggling with addiction.

Ohio is in the midst of a major opioid addiction crisis and it’s getting worse. Opioid-related deaths in Ohio went up 775% in the past 13 years. This is a crisis we need to address now.

Addiction isn’t a Democratic or Republican problem — it’s an Ohio problem. It’s an American problem. No family should lose a loved one this way, not as long as there are things we can do to prevent it.

Add your name to Sherrod’s and call on Trump and Republicans to protect access to health insurance coverage for all Ohioans >>

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