Stand Against Hatred

“Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel took to Twitter on Thursday to “stand with” a man who has claimed that date rape doesn’t exist and that “diversity is a code for white genocide.”
The Columbus Dispatch, 7/20/17

Josh Mandel proudly gave his support to two racist members of the extreme right in vilifying the Anti-Defamation League — an organization that has fought discrimination for over a century.

One was Mike Cernovich, a man who once tweeted “date rape does not exist” and claimed “diversity is code for white genocide.” The other was Jack Posobiec, the man behind the Pizzagate conspiracy theories and who made abhorrent videos about a murdered staffer at the DNC.

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. Josh Mandel’s choice to side with Cernovich and Posobiec tells us that he is wildly out-of-touch with Ohio values.

Stand with Ohioans against the hatred and bigotry coming from members of the extreme right wing. Add your name.