Why I wear an American-made suit


President Trump Talks ‘America First,’ But Sherrod Brown Wears It — Time; 7/11/2018 I buy my suits from the union factory ten minutes from my house, in Cleveland. My family drives cars made here in Ohio. Even the canary pin I wear on my lapel was made in the Buckeye state. When I talk about supporting […]

On July 29th at 6:30pm, I’ll be at the State Theatre in Cleveland watching the Broadway sensation, Hamilton. Don’t throw away your shot to be there with me. If you contribute $5 or more toward our $650,000 July goal, you will be automatically entered to win two tickets to come see Hamilton in Cleveland with me. We’ll cover flights and […]

This administration has spent much of their tenure actively making life more difficult for working families: limiting workers’ rights, sabotaging the Affordable Care Act, proposing raising rent for struggling Americans, giving a massive tax cut to the wealthy at the expense of everyone else … the list goes on and on. And now, they’re claiming […]

It’s our responsibility to ensure the men and women who risk their lives in our armed forces are treated with respect and dignity. Sherrod—who proudly serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee—is a leader in making sure veterans, servicemembers, and their families have the support and resources they need to succeed. Here are five ways he […]

Some—like members of this administration—may claim that the American economy is stronger than ever, but too many of our friends, family members, and neighbors aren’t seeing those benefits. Instead, as the wealthy continue to rake in profits from the tax scam the GOP passed late last year, Americans in “production and non-supervisory” positions are actually […]

We wanted to do something a little different today. In honor of Friday the 13th, we’re giving you 13 frightening race updates (and reasons you should chip in $13). A new poll shows multi-millionaire Congressman Jim Renacci closing the gap in our race. The Republican National Committee (RNC) is attacking Sherrod. A Super PAC supporting Renacci reportedly engaged in some […]