CQ Transcript: Sens. Snowe, Alexander, Brown, Landrieu on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’


CQ Transcript: Sens. Snowe, Alexander, Brown, Landrieu on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’

CQ Politics – SCHIEFFER: And we’re back now with Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Lamar Alexander from Tennessee. Well, you heard Senator Snowe. She was one of those, Senator Brown, who was very much — almost really wanted to vote for something here and in the end just couldn’t bring herself to do it. You were one of those who very much wanted a lot more than what’s in this bill. In a sense you wanted a public option. You said you’re going to vote for it. But are you happy with it?

BROWN: I’m disappointed. I think it could be a better bill. But we’re making major progress in this bill. First of all, for those people who have insurance in this country, right now you’re paying $100 a month more than $1,000 a year of hidden tax for basically for care for people who don’t have insurance that go to emergency rooms and all that.

This bill has got good insurance reform. It says that no more pre-existing condition. No more exclusions for that. No more discrimination. Women paying more for health insurance than men. It strengthens Medicare. It provides free screenings for Medicare, for every Medicare beneficiary. It lengthens the life expectancy of Medicare. And it gives tax breaks for small business. And those start immediately so small companies can begin to ensure their employees.

Most companies in Cincinnati and Cleveland and Columbus that I talk to want to insure their employees. They simply can’t afford it. If they have 20 employees and one of them gets cancer, it makes their premiums unaffordable. So this bill moves absolutely in the right direction.

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