White House Announces New Framework for Revitalizing Manufacturing


White House Announces New Framework for Revitalizing Manufacturing

Industry Week – Ahead of a meeting today at the White House, Ron Bloom, President Barack Obama's senior adviser for manufacturing policy, said that the U.S. needs, "legal, tax and regulatory regimes that promote American manufacturing and do not place an undue burden on those who wish to manufacture products in America. "It is vital to have a concerted effort across the administration to support an innovative, vibrant manufacturing sector that creates and sustains good paying jobs."

Later today Vice President Joe Biden will host a meeting with chief executives from manufacturing companies to lay out a "framework" for boosting business for the sector.

In response to today's announcement, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) issued the following statement:

"While the public and private sectors are creating a demand for new industries like wind, solar, high-speed rail, and medical IT, we need to do more to ensure that we make these products in America. The Obama Administration’s framework released today is a significant step for domestic manufacturing and a departure from years of neglect that previous administrations wrought on our nation’s manufacturing sector.

"The proposals outlined in the framework can help stem the loss of jobs and create new jobs for American workers by investing in 21st century technologies. But in order to provide manufacturers with the tools they need to create jobs, we need policies that do not just stimulate consumption — we need to stimulate production.

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