Asian carp pose threat to Great Lakes’ economy, jobs


Asian carp pose threat to Great Lakes’ economy, jobs

ABC 13 – The Asian carp poses a major threat to the economy and jobs here in the Great Lakes. The giant fish and how to stop it have been a big part of discussions in Washington and throughout the Great Lakes states.

Lake Erie helps pump hundreds of millions into the economy in both Michigan and Ohio and thousands of people make their living off the water, but many say the Asian carp is threatening all that.

Carol Stepian heads up the University of Toledo's Lake Erie Research Center and she says of the nearly 200 invasive species to hit the Great Lakes the Asian carp could do the most damage. The fish were imported from Asia in the 1970's to help clear up algae on cat fish farms in the southern Mississippi water system. They escaped after flooding and have been making their way up the river for the last 20 years.

"What they'll do in the Great Lakes is they'll eat low on the food chain so there will be no food left for our native species. They'll starve and there will be less fish diversity and there will be no stopping them," says Carol Stepien.

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