Brown-Kaufman Amendment: The State Of Play


Brown-Kaufman Amendment: The State Of Play

Huffington Post – When you strip away the disinformation, false promises, and wishful thinking, this is where we are on really reining in the power of the country's largest — and most dangerous — banks.

Senators Sherrod Brown and Ted Kaufman have proposed the SAFE Banking Act, which is an entirely reasonable and responsible way of limiting the size of our largest banks. It should be adopted as an amendment to the main financial reform bill now before the Senate.

As the New York Times points out today, there is growing support for this approach. But note that this article — while entirely accurate — was relegated to page B3; Sewell Chan's original piece on this topic was a front page story on April 20.

The opposition to Brown-Kaufman at the highest levels of government (legislature and executive branches) is so strong that it is increasingly unlikely the amendment will even get an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor.

The NYT's editorial page has endorsed Brown-Kaufman, as have a growing number of organizations that want to see some meaningful financial reform.

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