Brown pushes Obama on NASA-Glenn


Brown pushes Obama on NASA-Glenn

WTAM – (Washington, DC) – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) wrote to President Obama Tuesday night about the need to bring new work – particularly in the field of alternative energy research and development – to the NASA Glenn Research Facility in Cleveland.

Brown sent the letter prior to a meeting of the Ohio Delegation he is convening Wednesday with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. NASA Glenn conducts critical research, but a new mission would help reverse the 43 percent job loss experienced by the facility since 1993.

“NASA Glenn has helped make Ohio a leader in aerospace,” Brown said. “While NASA Glenn conducts cutting-edge research, it has lost too many jobs and missions over the years. That’s why I’m working with President Obama to retain critical research and development at NASA Glenn and bring new missions to the facility. The Glenn Research Center is a leader in space, aeronautics, and exploration and it must play a central role in NASA’s future.”

Brown has also been urging the administration to bring an alternative energy mission to NASA Glenn. Brown outlined why NASA Glenn would be well suited for the field.

“NASA Glenn has a long history of developing alternative energy. It had the first mass generating windmill, led the way in solar development, and was an innovator of alternative fuels,” Brown wrote in the letter to Pres. Obama sent late last evening. “Creating a robust alternative energy mission there would help retain and grow Glenn’s expertise while supporting existing NASA missions since much of this work would overlap.”

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