Brown turns the mosque “issue” against GOP


Brown turns the mosque “issue” against GOP

Daily Kos – Asked in a local TV interview about his views on the Burlington Coat Factory Mosque, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) delivers a textbook example of how Democrats can turn the mosque "issue" around on Republicans, dismissing it as a made-up controversy fueled by the likes of Karl Rove to divide America and distract from a discussion of the sorts of policies we need to strengthen the economy:

Partial transcript:

QUESTION: Are you for or against the mosque issue?

BROWN: Oh, I think it’s a local decision. We’re not at war with a religion, we're at war with terrorism. And I thought it was interesting, the first clip on your news story is Karl Rove who is great at dividing the country and turning people against people. I mean, this and the Fourteenth Amendment and other issues — conservatives who simply want the president to fail are using issues like this, the Fourteenth Amendment, the mosque, to distract the public away from what we need to be doing — that's passing a jobs bill, paying special focus on manufacturing. We in Ohio know how to make things, and we ought to have a real manufacturing policy in this country.

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