Chillicothe to get two new police officers via grant


Chillicothe to get two new police officers via grant

Chillicothe Gazette – After further review, Chillicothe does qualify for a federal grant that could see two new road patrol officers in the police department.

How soon the new officers will be on the city's streets is still unclear, but Mayor Joe Sulzer said the money will come from the Community Oriented Policing Services office of the Justice Department.

Sulzer said the city initially had been told it didn't qualify and was turned down for the funding.

"We were scratching our heads wondering why we didn't qualify, and then the Justice Department did an internal audit and found some cities had been turned down that did qualify," Sulzer said.

The city will be awarded $446,722 over the next three years to cover the salaries and benefit costs of two officers. Chillicothe will be required to keep the officers employed and cover all their benefit expenses in the fourth year.

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