Climate bill aims to entice factory states like Ohio


Climate bill aims to entice factory states like Ohio

Dayton Daily News – WASHINGTON — In a final effort to produce a law this year that would curb global warming, Senate environmentalists on Wednesday, May 12, offered billions of dollars in federal aid to increase production of nuclear power and develop a commercially viable way to burn coal cleanly.

The bill, co-sponsored by Democrat John Kerry of Massachusetts and Independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, was designed to win the backing of industrial state senators such as Republican George V. Voinovich and Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio, while offering attractive concessions to U.S. manufacturers.

Because Senate rules require 60 votes to end delaying tactics, the backing of at least a handful of the 41 Senate Republicans is critical. Frank O’Donnell, president of the Clean Air Watch in Washington, described the bill as a “Hail Mary pass and if there are no Republicans willing to catch it, the game’s over.’’

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