EDITORIAL: OUR VIEW: Funds address environmental disaster


EDITORIAL: OUR VIEW: Funds address environmental disaster

Wilmington News Journal – While attention has been drawn to the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, another environmental disaster has been happening right here in Ohio. At Grand Lake St. Marys in western Ohio, sometimes called the state’s “Other Great Lake,” a massive algae bloom and the subsequent detection of three toxins prompted a water quality advisory. People have been told not to swim and not to eat fish from lake. The lake also has been closed to boating. Grand Lake St. Marys also is a source of drinking water, although water treatment has been successful so far in making it safe for consumption. State environmental officials believe that the greenish-blue algae is caused by the presence of excessive phosphorous due to the runoff of fertilizer and manure from farm fields surrounding the 13,500-acre lake.

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