Editorial: Spending bill would benefit Laketran


Editorial: Spending bill would benefit Laketran

The News-Herald – The problems facing public transit agencies across Northeast Ohio have been well documented.

Which surely played a part in U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, joining five other senators who introduced the Public Transportation Preservation Act of 2010, which would provide $2 billion in emergency funding to transit systems across the country.

If the bill is passed, more than $40 million would go toward Ohio's 59 transit systems. Brown wants to help preserve transit jobs and prevent any further service interruptions.

Laketran understandably supports the legislation, and General Manager Raymond Jurkowski estimated that the Lake County agency would receive $1 million or "enough to restore service cuts." The entire Cleveland area would receive more than $11.1 million in emergency dollars, which would be distributed using a formula that agencies agreed to in 2003.

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