Efficiency first


Efficiency first

Akron Beacon Journal – The year began with lawmakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists buzzing about the potential for climate and energy legislation on Capitol Hill. Put a comprehensive strategy in place, and the investment dollars would begin to flow, Americans positioned to compete more effectively with the Chinese, Indians and others to develop the next new thing in renewable and advanced energy, spurring innovation and job creation.

By September, the buzz had faded to grumbling. The Senate punted, pushing aside efforts to gain passage of an energy and climate bill. The significance of the collapse deserves emphasis. Survey the political landscape, Republicans on the verge of increasing their numbers, and the likelihood is, the next session of Congress will pass without lawmakers taking the necessary action. More, the loss isn't simply about missing an opportunity to establish a cap-and-trade system, limiting in a broad way emissions of greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.

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