Letter to the Editor: ‘Your courage’


Letter to the Editor: ‘Your courage’

Hamilton Journal News – It took a lot of courage for Congressman Steve Driehaus and Sen. Sherrod Brown to support the health reform that was recently signed into law by President (Barack) Obama. Sure, they both knew it was the right thing to do, but they also know they will face another result. They will be viciously attacked by special interests with lots of money and very little regard for the truth. Insurance executives don’t give up profits easily.

I have supported a non-profit health insurance system since my 2-year-old daughter was denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. Two sinus infections in less than two years indicated “an unacceptable level of risk.” She’s fine now, thank you, and a healthy grown-up, in spite of the disservice done by that particular underwriter.

I recently saw a White House press release that listed reforms included in this legislation. The first reform listed was this: “Children will no longer be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions.” That is one thing that our government got right.

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