Obama Speech: Reaction From Capitol Hill


Obama Speech: Reaction From Capitol Hill

WCPN – Reacting to President Obama’s address to the Nation on the BP Oil Spill, Senator Sherrod Brown says that the establishment of a 20 billion dollar escrow account may be a good start, but BP may have to cough up more money. Manuel Quinones reports from Washington.

Two months after the oil spill began and as public outrage grows, Sen. Sherrod Brown says BP’s financial obligation to clean up is about protecting the American people, not driving the oil supplier out of business.

BROWN – “I don’t want BP to go out of business. I do want BP to meet all of its obligations. And that means getting its act together for drilling that it’s continuing to do.”

Brown says President Obama’s call for PB to establish a 20 billion dollar escrow account is a step towards helping families who were put out of work by the spill.

BROWN – “I think that’s a start. I don’t know what the right amount is going to be, but I think it’s important that they already begin putting money aside.”

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