Of Course, Wall Street Disagrees with the Idea of “Too Big to Fail”


Of Course, Wall Street Disagrees with the Idea of “Too Big to Fail”

American Chronicle – The country is just starting to realize what "too big to fail" actually means, and how important it is to fix the problem.

…Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH)has some good ideas for bank regulations.

One little statistic that was kept quiet by Wall Street and the big banks has now become common knowledge and it is a scary problem.

We have been hearing the term "too big to fail" now, for almost two years. But it was only when the financial reform proposals took over the media spot light that it became known as to just what "too big to fail" actually meant.

Well, we now know what it means and it is scaring the heck out of anyone with any understanding of macro-economics and the world´s financial markets.

We now understand that when a small portion of one of the world´s largest financial communities controls the economic fate of the world´s most successful and influential country, that community is not only "to big to fail" it is simply just "too big, period"!

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