Ohio senators weigh in on Kagan nomination


Ohio senators weigh in on Kagan nomination

Cincinnati.com – WASHINGTON – Ohio Sens. Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich indicated Monday they will split votes when Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court comes before the Senate – just as they did when Kagan won confirmation as U.S. solicitor general.

Voinovich, a Republican, was one of 31 senators who voted against Kagan's confirmation as solicitor general last year. He said her lack of judicial experience means senators will spend more time reviewing her credentials in a "fair and rigorous" debate over her nomination to the high court.

"I look forward to meeting Elena Kagan and exploring her judicial philosophy and relevant background in academia and government to determine if she is fit to serve," Voinovich said in a statement. "Given that she does not have prior judicial experience and this is a lifetime appointment, we must allow the Judiciary Committee and the U.S. Senate the requisite time needed for an exhaustive review of her record."

Brown, a Democrat who supported Kagan's confirmation as solicitor general, said Kagan's career path suggests she's well-qualified to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court.

"Elena Kagan's diverse background has given her a unique understanding of how the law affects everyday Americans," Brown said in a statement. "I look forward to a thorough confirmation process that will allow us to learn more about Solicitor General Kagan's perspective and record."

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