Ohio’s job outlook gets a boost


Ohio’s job outlook gets a boost

Sandusky Register – Last month, Ohio led the nation in creating new jobs.

It's an encouraging sign. The job situation in the state is expected to continue improving, although economists warn that the job gains likely will be slow.

The 37,300 new jobs created in Ohio in April were the most in any of the 50 states, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ohio was followed by Pennsylvania (34,000 new jobs), New York and Texas. Nonfarm payrolls increased in 38 states in April but fell in 12 states.

Ohio's numbers have given hope that unemployment may finally begin to fall. Ohio's unemployment rate has been worse than the national rate since 2003, and the Buckeye State was hit hard by the recession.

The 37,300 new jobs included many jobs in seasonal industries that tend to come to life as the weather turns warmer. Ohio gained 5,200 jobs in the leisure and hospitality industry and picked up 5,500 jobs in construction.

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