One of the best things we’ve ever done


One of the best things we’ve ever done

Dear Friend,

For 75 years, Social Security has delivered economic security for retirees, lifted millions out of poverty, and provided a safety net for families if a breadwinner died or became disabled.

When President Roosevelt signed it into law, half of our seniors lived in poverty. Today, it's fewer than one in ten. More than 2 million Ohioans currently rely on Social Security benefits. And, by the way, the program has never added a dime to the federal budget deficit.

Cost-effective, compassionate, and durable, Social Security ranks as one of the best things we've ever done. And yet, some want to dismantle it, or even destroy it altogether.

I'm sure you remember when we defeated President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security in 2005–and, let me assure you, if Republicans try that scheme again, we'll fight back just as hard.

But now some in Washington–like the senior Republican on the House Budget Committee–are talking about cutting back on Social Security benefits: raising the retirement age, for instance, or maybe just reducing the payments to middle-class seniors.

Let me put it as bluntly to you as I will if this comes up on the Senate floor: No way.

Not when the job market for older Americans is so bad.

Not when two-thirds of our seniors rely on Social Security for a majority of their income.

Not when a lot of people still spend their working lives on their feet.

That's why I've joined with Bernie Sanders to sponsor a resolution stating in black and white that the Senate refuses to privatize or cut Social Security.

And that's why I'll always fight against any effort to undermine one of the best things we've ever done for our seniors, and for our middle class.

Thanks for standing with me,


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