Program could boost Ohio manufacturing


Program could boost Ohio manufacturing

Youngstown Vindicator – The Cash for Caulkers program would boost Ohio manufacturing and save middle-class families hundreds of dollars in energy costs, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown said Wednesday, announcing his support for the Home Star Energy Retrofits bill.

The bipartisan Senate bill, introduced last month, would give cash rebates to customers who make energy-efficient home retrofits, such as home insulation or duct sealing.

The program will propel the state’s green-energy industry by creating green jobs in the state’s manufacturing and construction industries, Brown said in a joint press-conference call with Owens Corning vice president John Libonati.

“I have said before that Ohio can be the Silicon Valley of clean energy,” Brown said. “And it is not just solar panels in Toledo and wind-turbine components in greater Cleveland. It is also what we will do with this bill.”

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