Sen. Brown Aims To Help Hugo Boss Workers


Sen. Brown Aims To Help Hugo Boss Workers

WEWS – BROOKLYN, Ohio — Last month, workers at the Hugo Boss plant in Brooklyn rallied to help save their jobs.

Then, in December, Hugo Boss announced it was closing the plant and eliminating 300 jobs.

Sen. Sherrod Brown is hoping to help send a message to foreign owners of Hugo Boss that their plans to close the Brooklyn plant could end up hurting them in the long run. Brown stopped by the Brooklyn plant to talk with workers about ways to convince the owners not to move the plant overseas in a few months.

Brown said to him, the move doesn’t make business sense for a company looking to expand its United States sales force and the number of stores that sell its clothes.

"They have acknowledged that they make money from clothes they make, suits they make in this manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio and they'd maybe make a little more if they go to Turkey. But I think this market in the USA is going to be a little less welcoming, if they shut down their last production facility in the United States of America,” Brown said.

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