Senate bill would give $1 million to fund LCT


Senate bill would give $1 million to fund LCT

The Morning Journal – ELYRIA — Lorain County Transit stands to get about $1 million in federal help if Congress approves an emergency transit funding bill introduced yesterday.

Sen. Sherrod Brown announced he has joined forces with six senators to introduce the Public Transportation Preservation Act that would allow transit agencies to use the funds to reduce fare increases and restore services that were cut after January 2009 or prevent future service cuts or fare increases through September 2011.

Lorain County Transit discontinued roughly 13 routes in January due to a lack of funding.

Brown said, “This bill will help preserve transit jobs and limit service interruptions. Too many transit agencies have to choose between cutting service, raising fares or laying off workers. This bill would ensure that Ohio transit workers can continue to provide the service that so many Ohioans depend on.”

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