Senator Brown says he’ll back health care reform compromise


Senator Brown says he’ll back health care reform compromise

Dayton Daily News – DAYTON — Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown said that while he’s disappointed with aspects of health care reform, he will vote for any compromise between the House and Senate versions that negotiators can work out because it will be good for the nation.

“They’ll have my vote,” Brown said Friday, Jan. 15, during a meeting with the Dayton Daily News editorial board. “We’re going to get all this insurance reform that nobody thought we could get two years ago. I mean good insurance reform.”

While Brown said he’s disappointed that a so-called public option has been dropped and that it will take so long for some provisions to be implemented, he also pointed to a number of provisions that are long overdue, such as:

  • Women will no longer have to pay more than men for the same coverage.
  • Effective immediately, parents cannot lose their insurance because of a pre-existing condition of a child, and within three years pre-existing conditions will not be allowed to be considered.
  • Older children can stay on their parents’ policy until they’re 26.
  • Small businesses will immediately be eligible for “really good tax credits.”

Brown also said public opinion will turn favorable once people see that opponents’ misinformation and predictions don’t happen.

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