Senators Would Ban U.S. Govt. Purchase of Chinese Goods


Senators Would Ban U.S. Govt. Purchase of Chinese Goods

The New American – A bill introduced in Congress on June 17 by four Senators would prohibit purchases by the U.S. federal government of Chinese goods and services until China agrees to the Agreement on Government Procurement. The bill, formally designated as S. 3505, the China Fair Trade Act of 2010, was introduced by three Democrats, Debbie Stabinow of Michigan, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, and Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and one Republican, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

The legislation is aimed at countering China’s "indigenous innovation" policy of buying key products only from domestic producers.

"China continues to discriminate against American businesses, refusing to let our companies bid on Chinese government contracts," said Stabenow, the measure's primary author.

"We want to export our products, not our jobs. Until China agrees to play by the rules, our legislation guarantees federal taxpayer dollars are not being used to purchase Chinese goods and services," she said in a statement.

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