Tell President Obama: No Deal


Tell President Obama: No Deal

Dear Friend,

By now, you know that President Obama and Senate Republicans have struck a deal on taxes. But as far as I'm concerned, this agreement gives up too much to the super-wealthy without getting enough for the middle class. And now it's up to us to tell the President: No deal.

The GOP has embarked on a strategy of obstruction, refusing to work with us to cut taxes for the middle class, extend unemployment benefits for the jobless, and help working families stay afloat in a difficult economy until they got what they wanted–another massive tax cut for the super-wealthy. But handing out tax breaks to people who don't need them won't strengthen our economy. It'll just explode our deficit.

I know that President Obama wants what we want: tax relief for the middle class and help for those hurt the most by the recession. But he gave up too much to get it. I know we can defeat a cynical strategy of obstruction if we stick to our guns. But I need you on my side so we can show President Obama that we want to fight this battle.

That’s why I hope you'll join me by signing the following letter to President Obama.

Please read it below, and then add your name to send him a message that we must fight Republican obstruction, not give into it.

Thanks for standing with me – and with middle class families throughout Ohio.

Sherrod Brown


Dear Mr. President,

With our economy struggling, our working families hurting, and our deficit crisis worsening every year, we need to take action to create jobs, bolster the middle class, and bring our budget into balance.

But the agreement you’ve struck with Senate Republicans is a bad deal. It doubles down on a failed strategy of tax cuts for the super-wealthy that would explode our deficit without strengthening our economy. It’s too high a price to pay for the support of those who have continually refused to put the middle class first.

Instead of giving in to obstruction, we should fight it. I am willing to stay in session as long as it takes to overcome a filibuster and extend both unemployment benefits for jobless Americans and tax cuts for the middle class. If our colleagues on the other side of the aisle want to spend their holidays refusing to help working families struggling to enjoy a Christmas of their own unless their wealthy friends get another bailout, let them.

Mr. President, I know that you share my desire to pass good economic policies that help working families. But a deal that also includes bad policies that will worsen our deficit and fail to help our economy falls short. By standing our ground and standing strong for the middle class, we can do better. And I urge you to do just that.


Sherrod Brown
U.S. Senator

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