US Senator Wants Answers About Gun at Airport


US Senator Wants Answers About Gun at Airport

WBAY – After a Waupaca woman finds a loaded handgun in Cleveland's airport, some members of Congress demand answers.

It was in the gate area, beyond the security checkpoints, where Kimmy Janke found the loaded handgun in a public bathroom last September. Our ABC affiliate in Cleveland discovered the handgun belonged to a U.S. Customs agent, and as of now Customs officials have said very little about the incident, citing an internal investigation.

Since learning of the incident, one U.S. senator is calling for an investigation.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says, "This incident was a serious breach of public safety, and we were fortunate that a more disastrous result did not occur."

He goes on to say, "The agency has an immediate response system in place to review cases like this one, and I've asked that it complete a thorough investigation."

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