Using Medicare Could Expose Millions To Identity Theft


Using Medicare Could Expose Millions To Identity Theft

WCPA – CINCINNATI — Senior citizens are often the target of scams, sometimes seen as easy prey for identity theft. Now a new concern for seniors in greater Cincinnati and across the country. And one Ohio senator says we can't afford to wait any longer to fix.

Trips to the doctor could be exposing millions of Americans to identity theft.

The social security number is your Medicare number, even though the Federal Trade Commission has this warning: Avoid carrying around any identification that has your Social Security number on it in your wallet. Because that can be used very easily and efficiently by identity thieves.

"Identity theft is a tragedy for anybody. It's even more of a tragedy for senior citizens who are dealing with other things in their lives," said U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.

Brown is sponsoring legislation that would require Medicare and the Social Security Administration to come up with an alternative ID number.

"These two federal agencies have got to get their act together to protect seniors. It's as simple as that," said Brown.

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