We’re not going anywhere


We’re not going anywhere

Dear Friend,

Am I disappointed that a Republican-led filibuster prevented us from bringing the DISCLOSE Act up for a vote? Absolutely.

Am I ready to give up on our fight to keep corporations from buying our democracy? Not by a long shot.

Today, a majority of U.S. Senators declared that they're ready to bring transparency back to our elections and hold corporations accountable for their political activities. Unfortunately, under the rules of the Senate, that's not enough.

But while our progress may be delayed, we will not be denied.

Want proof? Last week, the "Center for Competitive Politics"–a front group run by a right-wing elections lawyer that seeks to wipe out all campaign finance laws–released a poll claiming to prove that Americans oppose measures like the DISCLOSE Act.

Just one problem: That's not what the poll actually said.

Even in a survey bought and paid for by this right-wing group, two thirds of Americans agreed that large contributions to interest groups should be reported and posted publicly. And nearly 70 percent favored requiring CEOs and leaders of these groups to appear personally in the ads they run.

You see, no matter how much money corporations pour into our political system, they can't change the fact that Americans believe in transparency–and in fair elections.

And no matter what kind of misinformation they throw at us–or how many filibusters we have to overcome–we have to keep working together to get our message out and rally support around the DISCLOSE Act and other remedies to the enormous constitutional problem caused by the Citizens United decision.

So thanks for standing with me–I think we've got their attention now.

Sherrod Brown

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