What color Ohio’s economy?


What color Ohio’s economy?

Columbus Dispatch – The stench instantly assaulted the senses, almost compelling a visitor to bolt from the bio-energy research lab.

"If it smells funny here, it's because we're turning poop into energy," said Mauricio Espinoza, spokesman for the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster.

In Akron, a Bridgestone executive envisioned the day when tires would be made from a new crop grown by Ohio farmers – Russian dandelions. "The 'green' technology you start to see in tires is a big part of our future," said Bob Handlos, vice president of product development, as he led a tour of the tiremaker's research center.

And in an old building on an Athens side street, Gov. Ted Strickland hoisted a shiny metal cylinder that can provide electrical power for a space satellite for a decade. Over the next four years, Sunpower will build 25 of the Stirling converters for NASA, said Mark Schweizer, the company's chief executive officer.

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