Addressing Hunger in America


Addressing Hunger in America

Loveland Magazine – At a local food pantry, I met an Ohio family who were long-time volunteers. While they were used to collecting canned goods and sorting through boxes of donations for their neighbors in need, they were not used to turning to the food bank for help themselves. Unfortunately, due to economic hard times, this family went from being volunteers at the food banks to recipients of assistance from the food banks.

This holiday season, some Ohio families will share a Thanksgiving meal with new neighbors after losing a home to foreclosure. Others may find themselves beginning new traditions because a parent has lost a job. Some others may not have a warm meal at all.

Scarcity is a fact of life for too many Americans in urban areas, rural communities, small towns, and big cities alike. Today more than 1.7 million Ohioans live in poverty and sixteen percent of Ohio families don’t know where they will get their next meal. One out of every twelve of Ohio’s senior citizens lives in poverty.

Alleviating hunger in America — including hunger for food, work, and a fair shot at providing for loved ones — requires addressing the shortages many working and middle class families face.

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