Op-Ed: Beyond the Big Three


Op-Ed: Beyond the Big Three

Times Gazette — Saving the auto industry was critical to saving Ohio jobs.

The auto rescue was not solely about stabilizing the “Big 3” auto companies – Chrysler, GM, and Ford – it was intended to provide a vital life-line to workers in Defiance who manufacture engine blocks and Tiffin workers who build transmissions.

Ohio is second only to Michigan when it comes to supplying auto companies with the tools needed to build cars and trucks. Cars like General Motors’ Chevy Cruze and Chrysler’s Jeep Wrangler aren’t just assembled in Ohio; they’re also made with parts manufactured in Ohio.

That’s why I refused to give up on the auto suppliers in Akron, car dealers in Canton, and machinists in Medina when faced with the choice to either save America’s auto industry or allow it to sputter to a stop.

While some Washington politicians maligned hardworking auto workers as “overpaid fat cats” just months after passing a bailout for Wall Street executives without so much as flinching, forward-looking leaders were working to prevent an economic depression in strong manufacturing states like Ohio.

We were determined not to let this industry run into a ditch, because it would have caused an economic crash across the manufacturing sector.

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