Brown: Job Creation Is Key to Nation’s Growth


Brown: Job Creation Is Key to Nation’s Growth

Wheeling Intelligencer – When Congress returns to Washington next week, members’ focus must be on job creation as a way to curb the nation’s budget deficit, said Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Brown, D-Ohio, visited St. Clairsville on Wednesday, stopping first for a private fundraiser at the Belmont County Country Club then moving on to speak with firefighters at the Cumberland Trail Fire Department station.

“The budget deficit is a problem, and we have to deal with it,” Brown said. “We have to focus on job creation. We can’t cut our way into prosperity. We have to build to grow, and our focus has to be on job creation.”

He noted that during the administration of former President Bill Clinton from 1992-2000, there were federal budget surpluses while 21 million jobs were created during Clinton’s eight years in office.

Brown compared this to the administration of Clinton’s successor, former President George W. Bush. The budget surpluses were “squandered” during Bush’s tenure from 2001-08, according to Brown, while just 1 million jobs were created.

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