Brown plan would stop Areva-like deals


Brown plan would stop Areva-like deals

Portsmouth Daily Times – When President Obama okayed a Department of Energy loan guarantee for Areva, a French company, and, at the same time, denied the loan guarantee for USEC, Inc.’s American Centrifuge Project at Piketon, it led to dialogue concerning the spending of U.S. dollars with a foreign country over a U.S. Company.

Now, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is saying the United States shouldn’t be giving taxpayer dollars to a company that is dealing with Iran. He says he is introducing legislation that will eliminate those deals.

“Iran is our biggest problem,” Brown told the Portsmouth Daily Times. “If you had to say one problem in the Middle East — Palestine, Hamas, Hezbollah — you’d say Iran. So we shouldn’t be doing business with somebody who is doing business the way they (Areva) are with Iran.”

Brown said he was injecting the issue to highlight the national interest of the U.S. He said it is probably not possible to take away the loan guarantee given Areva now.

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