Brown previews Obama speech


Brown previews Obama speech

Portsmouth Daily Times – While many Americans await President Barack Obama’s speech on job creation tonight, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, gave reporters a preview of what they can expect to hear. In fact, one reporter asked what Brown wanted to hear the president say.

“I want him to think big,” Brown said. “I think small ball is not working now for this country. Thinking big means major infrastructure investments. That’s also school modernization, a real need in this country. When I drive around the state in small towns and large cities there’s still far too many antiquated and not even serviceable school buildings where kids can’t learn as well.” Brown said he also wants the president to look at trade policy, which he sees as a job producer.

Brown said the president will talk about an infrastructure bank.

“It is likely he will call for new infrastructure investments that will make a difference in job creation, both in jobs for those people building infrastructure and leading to job creation because of better infrastructure whether it’s broadband, water, sewer, highways, bridges, ports, all of that,” Brown said.

Brown said he has been hearing at roundtable discussions with community and business leaders that the nation’s infrastructure is not what it used to be or needs to be. He said rebuilding the infrastructure attracts workers, businesses and foreign investment, and essentially creates jobs for those building the infrastructure.

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