Brown pushes Obama on trade


Brown pushes Obama on trade

Herald-Star – Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has sent a letter urging President Barack Obama to devote more attention to domestic manufacturing.

Brown sent the letter in the wake of the release of a new poll by the Alliance for American Manufacturing showing that Americans believe the nation’s economic strength is tied to the strength of our factories.

Brown is author of the bipartisan National Manufacturing Strategy Act of 2011, which is aimed toward strengthening manufacturing by consolidating and reorganizing federal trade agencies.

Brown said loopholes for companies that ship jobs abroad can be closed and companies can have greater incentives to keep operations in the United States.

“We should be vigorously enforcing our trade laws – particularly with countries like China – and cracking down on currency manipulation and duty evasion,” Brown said. “Finally, as one of the only developed nations without one, we must implement a national manufacturing strategy. A complete economic recovery requires a sustained strategy to ensure long-term job growth and job creation.”

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