Brown to FCC: No more blackouts


Brown to FCC: No more blackouts

Enquirer – Since U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown lives in Cleveland he’ll be able to watch the blacked-out Bengals-Browns game on television Sunday, but viewers in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Lexington, Kentucky television markets won’t be able to.

That’s because not enough tickets to the game have been sold.

Brown doesn’t like that ticket sales are tied to whether a game in airs on television. So Brown, a Democrat, is urging the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider the Sports Blackout Rule — a 1970s-era regulation that allows sports leagues, like the NFL, to blackout broadcasts of a local sports game when the game does not sell out.

“During this Sunday’s Browns-Bengals game, only one team’s fans in Ohio will be allowed the opportunity to watch their team play on television,” Brown said.

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