Brown wants lawmakers on Social Security


Brown wants lawmakers on Social Security

Ashtabula Star Beacon – Sherrod Brown’s shoes are made for walking –all over congressional retirement benefits.

In a news conference Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Brown called out his fellow members of Congress and introduced new legislation that would require members of congress to work until the Social Security retirement age.

Brown’s bill, the “Shared Retirement Sacrifice Act of 2011,” asks members of Congress to “walk in the same shoes” as working Americans, he said.

“If Congressional Republicans want to raise the retirement age of Social Security, then they should have to reach that same age as any senior in Ohio and across the country before receiving their benefits,” Brown said. “If a steel worker has to wait until he is 65 years old to receive retirement benefits, than so should any of my colleagues.”

Brown said if his constituents want to dismantle Medicare and stretch the Social Security retirement age to 69 or higher, they should have to strap on some shoes and do some walking — right along with the average worker.

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