Brown: ‘We’re gonna make this happen’


Brown: ‘We’re gonna make this happen’

Portsmouth Daily Times — U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, R-Ohio, spoke frankly about his hopes as well as his concerns over the $2 billion loan guarantee application for USEC Inc.’s American Centrifuge Project at Piketon, a project that would result in 4,000 jobs and an income of $250 million.

Brown spoke openly about his feelings about the loan guarantee and his former reservations about USEC Inc.

“I still feel good about it,” Brown said. “But I think the administration wants to make sure about the testing. The tests have been pretty good except for the recent problem, and that wasn’t really the tests.”

Brown was referencing a circuit breaker issue that arose during a recent power outage.

“It’s something they’ve got to look into,” Brown said. “And secondly these taxpayer dollars — it’s a lot of money to guarantee, and you want to make sure this company is fiscally sound and this operation can be done right.”

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