Brown Op-Ed: Climate for Ohio Jobs


Brown Op-Ed: Climate for Ohio Jobs

Akron Beacon Journal – I applaud the Jan. 17 editorial ''Controlling authority,'' which rejects the outdated and false choice between preserving Ohio's manufacturing legacy and protecting our environment.

Our primary focus in Congress must be on creating an economic climate that allows U.S. manufacturers and small businesses to hire new workers and compete in a global marketplace. A recent report showed that many Ohio businesses are already creating thousands of manufacturing jobs in emerging clean-energy sectors such as wind, solar and fuel cells.

That's why, during the climate change debate in the past Congress, I led a group of Senate colleagues in an effort to promote the competitiveness of American manufacturing and provide the incentives and financing needed for manufacturing to make the transition to the clean-energy economy.

While I strongly support moving forward to address greenhouse gas emissions and the very real danger of climate change, I'm also conscious of the need to ensure that the workers, farmers and businesses in the state of Ohio aren't adversely affected by poorly designed regulations that could cause economic harm.

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