Brown to vote against health-care law repeal


Brown to vote against health-care law repeal

The Columbus Dispatch – WASHINGTON – Sen. Sherrod Brown will oppose Senate Republican efforts to repeal the sweeping health-care law signed last year by President Barack Obama.

On the same day that Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory said it would be "crazy" to repeal the law, a Brown spokeswoman said the Ohio Democrat would "oppose repeal efforts and continues to believe that they are a distraction from the task at-hand: creating jobs and getting our economy back on track."

The Republican-controlled House voted largely along party lines last month to repeal the law, which provides health coverage to 32million Americans currently without any insurance. Even if the Senate approves the repeal, President Barack Obama would almost certainly veto the measure.

Senate Republicans are hoping, as early as today, to attach to the Federal Aviation Administration bill an amendment repealing the health law. Most of the Senate's 47 Republicans, including Rob Portman of Ohio, are expected to vote in favor of the amendment.

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