Can consumers do anything to fight rising gasoline prices?


Can consumers do anything to fight rising gasoline prices?

WEWS – Angela Christian, of North Royalton, explained why she didn’t take her medications for more than two weeks this past month.

“The money for my medicine went into my gas tank,” said Christian.

Christian explained that she may have to park her leased Honda until further notice because of rising gasoline prices.

“The government gets involved in so many things, why don’t they get involved in this,” said Christian.

One way to get government involved is to contact your local Congressional leaders. U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is urging consumers to take action.

“Write to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, write to your members of Congress, House Members, Senators, and ask them to push back on these price increases,” said Brown.

Sen. Brown believes one way to reduce prices at the pumps is to impose limits on oil speculators.

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