Clyde family meets with lawmaker about cancer


Clyde family meets with lawmaker about cancer

News-Messenger – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, met Wednesday with Warren and Wendy Brown of Clyde, whose daughter Alexa died of cancer in 2009.

The Ohio Department of Health has identified an area in eastern Sandusky County, including Clyde, as a cancer cluster, meaning a "greater-than-expected number of cancer cases that occurs within a group of people in a geographic area over a defined period of time."

"What's happened to Wendy, Warren and Alexa Brown — and dozens of other families in Clyde and other cancer clusters across America — is nothing short of a national tragedy," Brown said. "We need to do more to find out why so many young lives have been affected by cancer in these communities. Not only do we need to figure out why cancer is striking these communities, but we must increase federal funds for research and treatment for pediatric cancer. We cannot give up on this issue until we have answers — for Alexa Brown, for the children of Clyde and so many others still waiting for an answer and a cure."

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