Columbus Dispatch Editorial: Crackdown


Columbus Dispatch Editorial: Crackdown

Columbus Dispatch – On the campaign trail last year, people in small towns, rural communities and big cities told Mike DeWine that their community was being hit by the same scourge, 'pill mills.'

These rogue operations feed an epidemic of prescription drug abuse and foster a high-dollar street trade, a governor's task force concluded last year.

Earlier this month, Ohio's new attorney general unfurled his offensive on illegal prescription-drug operations, including training for front-line local officers and a Special Prosecutions Unit to help build cases against those who operate the shady clinics.

This comes as Sen. Sherrod Brown called for ramped-up efforts in Ohio by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and as two members of the Ohio House introduced a bill to tighten the snare on pill-mill operators.

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