Efforts made to put space-station lab in Cleveland


Efforts made to put space-station lab in Cleveland

Sun News – NASA Glenn Research Center and Ohio colleges are being promoted as key facets of a little-publicized effort to make Cleveland headquarters of a national laboratory for the International Space Station.

A bid is being made to a nonprofit group called Space Laboratory Associates to manage a research laboratory in Cleveland for a project called Project Galaxy.

How many workers and how much money such an operation would generate are not clear. But a person who closely follows NASA budgets said the impact would be great should NASA’s headquarters name SLA, and should SLA commit to managing the lab in Cleveland. A successful bid to SLA also would create jobs at Glenn.

SLA represents a joint operation comprising Battelle Memorial Institute, of Columbus, and University Space Research Association, of Columbia, Md.

U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman sent a letter in March urging SLA to set up in Cleveland should it win the bid.

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