Ending corporate welfare for Big Oil


Ending corporate welfare for Big Oil

Times Gazette – A Big Oil CEO making more than $31 million a year recently branded efforts to curb taxpayer-funded subsidies to the biggest and most profitable oil companies as “un-American.”

Disparaging labels won’t solve the problems facing our country.

In the boardrooms of small businesses and at kitchen tables of Ohio homes, Americans are tightening their budgets to pay for gasoline that is near $4.00 per gallon. The average price per gallon of gas in Ohio is up more than $1.78 over the last year – and 20 cents in the last month alone.

Earlier this month, I stopped by a Cleveland gas station to meet with truckers, small business owners, and consumers who are being hit hard by rising gas prices. They’re seeing revenue decrease and the cost of doing business increase with no end in sight.

I recently received a letter from a constituent who said, “Hopefully, Washington will get involved in the rising cost of gasoline because … people (need) to get back and forth to work.”

With two pieces of legislation, that’s what we’re fighting to do.

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