Feds call reincarnated bus companies dangerous


Feds call reincarnated bus companies dangerous

USA Today – Days after a Charlotte bus company was shut down for a crash in Virginia that killed four passengers, federal investigators found bus company employees painting its buses.

Then they learned that the company was selling tickets over the Internet under two different names.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) moved immediately to stop Sky Express from operating. It was an example of a safety problem that is getting increased attention: “reincarnated” or “chameleon” bus companies — interstate operators who are shut down by safety regulators and secretly reopen under new names, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Nearly 10% of shuttered operators are reincarnated, government figures show. Seventeen people died in the crash of a reincarnated bus in Texas in 2008. The drumbeat for stiffer penalties, including criminal charges, has been growing since the Sky Express crash May 31.

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